About Us

Ruse Multimedia came into existence in the year 2010. Headed by its founder, Mr. Girish Jadhav and Ms. Shivani Rana, Ruse Multimedia is the only advertising agency that provides the complete creative solution and sales guarantee to the business. Its services range from the creative and media to the production and public relations.


The idea of Ruse Multimedia as an advertising agency was brought to birth back in 2010 by two key persons.

Ms. Shivani Rana (Chairman & Managing Director)

Shivani's list of roles is simply exhaustive. After completing her MBA in Human Resource Management she had been articulating strategies & processes for the company.

Mr. Girish Jadhav (C.E.O & Director Client Servicing)

After the completion of BMS, M.Com, PG Diploma (Advertising & PR), and MMS (Marketing) Girish started his career working as an account executive in an advertising agency. However, his undying passion for advertising and hidden spirit of entrepreneurship motivated him to embark upon the own marketing communication business. And his dedication, enthusiasm, vision, and affable communication have proved to be an asset for the company.


Our team


Mr. Sunny Pardeshi (Director – Sales & Marketing)

An MMS in marketing, sunny is a focused Marketing Professional. Being cool, composed and ever smiling, his demeanor calms the worst of crisis into a solvable issue. As a "reflector" (and bit of an activist) by nature, he likes to look at situations from different perspectives. He is a potent combination of a through technical bend of mind and extremely skilful business management bringing out the best from the team time and again. He brings to the table rich teaming & experience from his years across working with major companies like Raymond, Donear Industries, Livewel Aviation Services & is currently in the capacity of Director Sales & Marketing for the Ruse Multimedia group. He is known for his expertise in creating business / marketing plans towards successful accomplishment of core objectives. He is also well known for his excellent relationship management skills & abilities.


Mr. Sanket Laad (Director PR & Corporate Communication)

The youngest of all and dynamic team member- Sanket, with forte in Public Relation and Corporate Communications; is carving a niche for Ruse Multimedia. He holds the position of Director for Public Relation & Corporate Communications. After earning Bachelor’s degree of Mass Media he got deeply rooted in Corporate Communications and started serving for Big Players from Indian Corporate Arena; where he practiced and learned various PR tactics. His expertise and experience has bagged a solid record of brand management, image building and business achievements. He has led the diverse tactical developments of the company with his extreme astuteness and intriguing acumen during his recent stint as the Director for PR & Corporate Communications.

Abhijit Mitter (C.O.O)

An engineer & MBA, Abhijit Mitter has been with Ruse Multimedia since its inception. and is heading the administration dept. of the group. A member of the operating board, he oversees the administrative strategy of the Group and has played a pivotal role in its growth. Having experience of 20 years in various fields & has worked with company like Modisons Ltd. he has a rich knowledge & thus is helpful in building the team of our company.

Mrs. Anuradha Nalawade (Head - Business Development)

An art graduate of Ruia College and a diploma holder in Journalism from K.C. College, Anuradha is a versatile professional. She has used her dexterous expertise, not only in advertising agencies and TV news channels, but she also is an active article writer for a news paper. Her intrinsic know-how of the business aspect of her profession gives and unsurpassed edge to the organization.

Mr. Vishal Wagh (Copywriter)

With a degree in English Literature and a diploma in Mass Media. Vishal has had an all-inclusive experience in developing ad concepts and promotional content for an assortment of products and services. Having worked with a number ad agencies he is aware of the market trends relating to the marketing communication.



  • Press Media
  • Electronic Media
  • Outdoor Media
  • Web Media
  • Web Designing
  • Print - Below he line (BTL)
  • Press conferences & Press Releases
  • Exhibitions & Desplay
  • Corporate Identity
  • Software Development